How To Step Into A Kayak

(Kayaking Tips For Beginners)

Buying a new kayak and planning the way out to a beautiful destination is pretty exciting. Wonderful places you might have heard of, and stunning spectacles all the way through. Like imaginations run through your mind from starting the journey to getting back to the dock with having a sensational feeling.

But before you dream of exploring some beautiful places within the river through kayaking, there’re some points you’ll have to consider. Yeah, you might be excited about your first-ever kayaking journey, and there’s nothing wrong about it. But learning a few essential steps might help you to get a bit more comfortable in the beginning. Right before you drift away to your beautiful destination, let’s know how to step into the kayak smoothly!

No matter if you’re starting from the dock or the shore, we got you covered here with our tips will help you to understand to get into the kayak safely.

From A Dock or Shore

First of all, right after placing the kayak into the water, put your paddle across the boat so that you can pull it back if it floats away. After making sure that the kayak is in the parallel position to the dock and you standing fronting the water, then only you prepare yourself to climb in. 

It’s not that you’re going to hop into the kayak and it will catch you up around in the cockpit. But yes, you’ll need to be careful by stepping your feet into the cockpit first while resting your body on the dock. As you feel your feet are stable enough to keep the balance, you begin to drop your body into the vessel while still resting your hands on the dock until you comfortably drop yourself in. It may sound a duck-soup process, but to get into the boat safely without splashing water and letting kayak flip can be tricky when you perform it. 

For getting out, you can escape comfortably the way you entered in the reverse manner. 

Re-entering From the Water

You might not expect this if you were tripping for the first time, but when your kayak, unfortunately, drops you off in the water, it can be trickier to climb up again. The very first thing you need to do is to stay patient and keep hold of the paddle. If your kayak has flipped over, there’re two ways to get it up, one is to push it up, and another is hauling it over. 

The first way is straightforward to push it up by placing your hands under the far edge of the kayak and turning it over to your opposite side. But if your kayak is a bit heavier, you need to haul it over to make it stand. Kick your legs into the water while pushing yourself up onto the bottom of the boat and clutch the opposite edge of the kayak and firmly drag it to rolling it over at your side.  

Once the kayak is up, first set the paddle across to it and make sure you stay facing the seat, by the side of the cockpit, so you get easily climbed up. Hold both edges of the kayak firmly and pull yourself up by kicking into the water. As soon as you find your abdomen sitting on the cockpit, slowly rest your buttocks on the seat and take your legs up gently as you ideally find the balance for paddling. 

Well, if there’s still more of exploring left, falling off the kayak and climbing-up again can be the most challenging routines you endure as a beginner. But once, you get into kayaking regularly, it becomes a practice, and you get used to it. If it sucks imagining yourself halfway into the areas of deep water, you can bring along a fellow kayaker or can approach kayaking clubs or groups nearby so that they can help you to hold the kayak while getting into and getting out.  

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