Inflatable Kayak Vs Hard-Shell Kayak: How To Choose The Best Kayak For your Adventure

Inflatable kayaks are not new into water sports adventure, but they have ruled out hard-shell kayaks with excellent features and easy transportation. However, if you’re buying an inflatable kayak because it is the easiest option to travel with, you might neglect some considerable features of a hard-shell kayak. There are pros and cons of both, but in the end, you’re gonna choose one that is best for your needs and preferences. 

We have compared both traditional and modern equipment on features, quality, cost and transportation that you might want to consider before making a purchase. So if you’re confused between both, here’s an apt guide to help you out the best version for your upcoming adventure! 


Portability is the reason an inflatable kayak is preferred more than a hard-shell kayak. For instance, if you’re travelling somewhere far away to explore wonderful scenery within the river, a hard-shell kayak is heavy to carry if you’re travelling by car or camper van. In case of taking the air route, you’ve to pay additional for your kayak’s weight.

Whereas with an inflatable kayak, you can go easy with its deflated form, whether you’re tripping by car, camper or aircraft. You don’t even need to pay extra as an inflatable kayak is not heavy and can be adjusted into your luggage’s weight. 

Quality and Durability

Quality and durability is something an adventurer hesitates to choose an inflatable kayak over a hard-shell kayak. The durability of a hard-shell kayak mostly depends on the material used, while for an inflatable kayak, it depends on price and type of kayak. Like, not all inflatable kayaks are designed for all kayaking activities. Some kayaks work best for kayak fishing, others are suitable for racing and on rocky surfaces. 

In case of quality and durability, you must choose an inflatable kayak as per the warranty period and features mentioned. Remember, not all expensive kayaks are of great quality, so if you choose a kayak after its price, you may end up in regret when your kayak stuck in rocky surfaces or unable to speed up in a race. 

Level of Comfort: 

Level of comfort is what matters the most. If you are on the water for a long time, you must feel comfortable having seated in your kayak. Upon its name, a hard-shell kayak has a hard surface-seat, so you may find uncomfortable kayaking for a long period. Usually, an inflatable kayak has a softer seat and back support too, so you don’t get tired exploring for long hours. 


Here comes the most important aspect of both types of kayaks. Performance is what matters the most and both inflatable and hard-shell kayaks are great at dealing with your adventure on the water. 

But you must choose both kayaks upon their features and quality. For both quality and performance, has the best inflatable kayaks in multiple seat variants. 


There might be confusion while differing both kayaks upon set-up. Inflatable kayaks take up to five minutes to inflate. For hard-shell kayak, you have to lift it up to your car’s roof and carry it away to the place. It mostly depends on time and efforts that how you prefer. Inflatable kayak takes time, on the other side, a hard-shell kayak takes efforts – the choice is yours. 


High-quality inflatable kayaks cost a lot less than quality hard-shell kayaks. At Camping Offers, you get the best deals on a range of high-quality inflatable kayaks. Also, there are various Buy Now, Pay Later options, so you can pay later in easy instalments. 

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